Let Earth Day 50th Anniversary Inspire a Week of 7 Small Actions

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On the first Earth Day in 1970, founder John McConnell never considered anything like COVID, SARS, or EBOLA.  Terms that seem more like word scrambles than existential threats to humanity.  While C-19 dominates the news, today, it may be useful to remember that Earth Day is the one annual event that has universal relevance to every person on the planet, whether we recognize it, or not.

Nothing is bigger than Earth.  Our planet.  Our home.  Our dirt.


Despite its’ universal “bigness” Earth Day drills down to the minutia of every object, every action.  It is, literally, the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. Earth is also the viruses we fear.  Take the good with the bad. There is no other choice.  As the children tell us, here is no “Planet B”.  

Earth Day is the opportunity to step back from the minutia of daily life and meditate on the big picture, like a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.  It’s easy to lose site of the whole picture when we are focused on solving the seemingly overwhelming problem of finding that single piece.  Important as that one piece might be, it is still just one piece of the bigger picture.  Whatever your mission is a cure for cancer, solving income inequality, perfecting cold fusion, or an end to the global pandemic, it is all planet Earth.

We are the sum of our parts, the accumulation of our actions. 

Whether your challenge is economic, environmental, social, or epidemiological, you are equal of your challenge.  It is little use to curse the struggle. Better to get on with the task and play the hand you were dealt.  There is no other choice.  There is no alternate reality, no perfect parallel universe.  Better to view the situation as the best possible circumstance, since no alternate situation exists.  Unless you create it.


This Earth Day, step back and look at the larger picture. Set aside concerns about C-19 for the day and take the opportunity to do something, anything, that you can to make the world just a little bit better your fellow inhabitants of planet Earth, and take joy in your action. 

Take one small action, every day, for a week.

1) Walk to the store, rather than drive 2) Plant something in your garden 3) Say “thank you” to someone who’s work you admire 4) Buy local vegetables.  5) Send Flowers anonymously to someone you know is lonely 6) Pick up litter in the park or on a beach. 7) No action is too small, as long as you take action, and take joy in doing it.

No action is too small, as long as you take action, and take joy in doing it.

Earth Day and Earth Week is the most universal intermission on the calendar. Celebrate Earth Day and Earth Week  in your own way.  In any way.  Just make sure you celebrate.

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